Air Force Intelligence has released a new report on the most sophisticated intelligence birds.

This is not a list of the smartest birds on the planet.

This list is made up of intelligent birds, with an emphasis on the intelligent.

Air Force Chief of Staff General Mark Welsh said the birds of the air are the best at understanding the world around them.

The Air Force is known for its top-notch intelligence, Welsh said.

The report shows that most birds of intelligence are intelligent but not all are.

There are intelligent, intelligent birds that are not intelligent.

There is also an array of intelligent and non-intelligent birds.

The most intelligent bird is the red-tailed hawk, a species of hawk that is a “top predator” of birds, Welsh told the BBC.

The Red-tailed Hawk is considered a top predator, so a bird with intelligence as high as that of a Red-tailed Hawk is very intelligent.

The intelligence of a bird is not directly measured, but it can be estimated using its vocalizations, which are thought to be more sophisticated than those of a human.

“This is why we call them the most advanced birds on earth,” Welsh said in a statement.

“Most birds of our world are more intelligent than us.”