The smart skateboard maker AirSki has announced it will be using artificial intelligence to identify people and objects using an “intelligence-enabled facial recognition” system that is already used in Google Glass and Google Home.

“This is the most advanced facial recognition technology on the market today,” AirSketch CEO John T. Krashen told Reuters.

The facial recognition system, known as FaceScan, was developed by AirSkeech and the Boston Dynamics Cambridge lab.

The company’s facial recognition systems have already been used in the Google Glass headset, Google Home, Google’s Nest thermostat, and Google Glass, as well as Apple Glass and the Apple Watch.

Krakowski said the facial recognition can identify people, places, and even objects using a “true-to-life” picture.

AirSkeech says it plans to use the technology to help people who have difficulty identifying other people or objects.

Krahen said AirSkys facial recognition could eventually be used to identify other objects that people use as an identification device, such as smartphones.

The AirSkays software will be integrated into Google Glass.

The technology was initially developed by Boston Dynamics to detect the presence of a person by looking at their face.

Krekowski said it could also be used in a “bionic” body, such that a wearer’s body could be programmed to respond to voice commands.

Google Glass has faced controversy for its inability to recognize faces, and there has been talk about Google Glass being “AI blind.”

In June, Google announced it was buying the Boston, Massachusetts-based company.

Airski was founded in 2004 and sells its products in the U.S. and Canada.

Google says its technology could also help solve other problems, such in speech recognition, for people with disabilities.