The U.N. has called on governments to limit their use of artificial intelligence (AI) and instead focus on preventing and preventing the spread of pandemics.

In an open letter published Sunday in the UN’s General Assembly, the heads of nearly 500 nations said that artificial intelligence and robotics are “incompatible with global governance” and the protection of human life.

The letter said the “human factor must be the principal driver for technological advancement and development.”

Artificial intelligence is a “dangerous development” that has “no place in modernity,” the UN statement said.

In its 2016 Global Threat Assessment, the U,N.

said it was “gravely concerned” about the “increasingly pervasive use of AI to monitor, predict, and control human behaviour and to assess its impact on the environment, national security, health and social services, and other important areas.”

It added that “many of these new systems are deployed on a large scale” and said they pose “significant risks to the integrity of international peace and security.”

The United States, which leads the world in AI and robotics, has been one of the world’s most prominent supporters of AI.

The Trump administration has argued that it will keep American workers in line by developing AI that can understand how they work.

But it has also argued that AI can help protect the United States and that humans are too important to be left to the mercy of the machines.