Fox Sports understands that the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) has come under scrutiny for its use of its internal contractors to provide intelligence work to the government.

While the agency has previously made clear that it only uses contractors in exceptional circumstances, the agency is now struggling to keep pace with increasing demand for intelligence services around the world.

“As we become more technologically and technologically complex, we need to be more transparent about our intelligence services work,” ASD head of policy Peter Widdon said in a speech last week.

“The more we’re able to see what the public is doing in a democratic way, the more we’ll be able to improve and we’ll build a more efficient and effective intelligence service.”ASD officials were also asked by the ABC about the impact of the Snowden revelations on the agency’s internal work.

“We will continue to be open about our work in order to protect the security and safety of our agencies,” an ASD spokesman told the ABC.

“And we are committed to ensuring that our work remains independent and accountable.”