A cyber attack is a malicious act carried out by someone using the internet to try and cause harm.

Source: The Irish Time title A cyberattack is a threat to our democracy article An attack is an action that can cause harm to another person or entity.

It can also be the result of someone else’s act.

The definition of a cyber attack in law is quite broad.

A cyber threat is one that threatens to damage, disrupt or compromise computer systems, networks, networks infrastructure or other facilities.

If a person or organisation has done so in good faith, they may not be held criminally liable.

But they must take steps to mitigate the damage they cause.

Source : The Irish Post title The Cyber Threat to Democracy article The Irish Government has said that it is taking action to protect our democracy by strengthening cyber security.

This includes strengthening the defences of critical infrastructure and enhancing cyber defence systems.

Cyber security is an important part of the national defence strategy, which is part of our Government’s strategy to make the Irish economy stronger and more resilient to the threats we face.

We will continue to work closely with the industry and industry partners to improve our cyber defence and security capability, as well as to help secure Ireland’s critical infrastructure.