A new US government-commissioned report on intelligence, intelligence operations, and counterintelligence activities shows the likelihood of extraterrestrial contact is very, very remote.

It says the intelligence community is “very confident” there are no advanced alien life forms in the universe and that “we do not need to look far in the future to find evidence of extraterrestrials.”

“We have very, not very, low confidence in the probability of extraterritorial contact,” the report, released by the National Intelligence Council, said.

The report was released on Tuesday, in the wake of revelations that President Donald Trump told the heads of the CIA, NSA, FBI and the National Security Agency in a May 2017 phone call that there were “many countries that are interested in meeting extraterrestral visitors.”

It said “there is no evidence of a direct or indirect contact between extraterrestrial intelligence and humans,” and that, “there are a few countries with advanced capabilities that have been able to observe and observe them.”

Trump has repeatedly denied any contact between aliens and humans, and he told the FBI in a February 2017 interview that the US was “looking into it.”

Trump also told Fox News in February 2017 that the intelligence agencies were “not looking at it” at the time.

“I have a lot of confidence in my intelligence agencies, in our intelligence agencies.

And we’re not looking at any intelligence, you know, that we have, and I’m not going to say that anymore,” Trump said. 

The report also said there was “no evidence that extraterrestrial contacts with human beings or other extraterrestrial life forms have occurred in the past.”

The Trump administration has repeatedly cited the possibility of alien contact as one of its reasons for withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement.

In December, Trump said that if there was any chance aliens might be visiting Earth, he would “take it very, really seriously.”

A Trump administration spokesman told CNN on Tuesday that the administration was “not discussing any of this.”

US intelligence agencies are not alone in the assessment that the risk of contact with extraterrestrian life is low.

A report from the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine published in October said there is “no convincing evidence” of extraterrans inhabiting our solar system.

“The United States has the capability to detect and track alien life at the Earth’s surface,” the Academies said.

“Although there is no direct evidence of alien life or contact with humanoids, we do not consider that there is a direct threat to Earth’s existence.” 

“There is no credible evidence of life elsewhere in the solar system,” it added.

And in March 2017, the National Academy of Sciences released a report that said the probability that life forms like aliens could exist on Earth was “minimal.”

“We do not believe that extraterrestria exist, and we do know that there are other planets,” it said.