Intelligent electric scooters will be the first vehicles to feature the Intelligent Electric Drive feature, according to new details published by Google.

The feature lets intelligent electric scoots make more efficient use of fuel and battery power, but it won’t offer all the capabilities of other electric vehicles on the market.

“We believe that this is the best EV option right now,” said a Google engineer on a recent presentation, according the tech giant.

The technology allows a scooter to use its battery and drivetrain to accelerate and decelerate, while using only a small amount of electric power.

The company has yet to release pricing for the smart scooters, but the specs for a model with a top speed of 20mph are set to be revealed at a future event.

Google is not the first to use the technology in a car.

The automaker partnered with Mercedes-Benz to integrate a similar feature in the new E-Class sedan and E-class crossover.

The tech also helps make the electric scooper safer, but not as much as the smart car in the same class.

The E-Cab and E50 will also have the Intelligent Driving feature, but only in limited numbers.

Google has also confirmed that the Smart Scooter will feature a new front grill and the ability to use an electric power steering system, although the details on those features are still being worked out.

With this latest announcement, Google has solidified its position as a leader in electric vehicle technology.

The search giant is also partnering with Nissan, Ford, and Tesla to introduce a smart scooter that will be offered in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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