There are a lot of people who are going to be able to control the things that we have connected to the Internet, and that includes all of us.

That means that if we have a car and we want to have a GPS, we can control that.

We can have a Wi-Fi network that will give us the ability to send that data to the car.

All of that information can be used by whoever wants it, regardless of who owns it.

All it requires is the right software and the right hardware.

There are lots of examples of this.

The Internet of things will change everything from our relationships with friends to our health care.

The IoT is going to change everything.

This is going be an incredibly important time in human history.

We will be living in a time when the people who can control our lives, the ones who control everything, are going the way of the dinosaurs.

I am not saying this to be a conspiracy theorist, I am saying this because we are going in the direction that is best for everyone, for the people, for our future.

So let’s do that.