Smart dogs have smart minds, and they can learn to perform at a level that’s better than most humans, according to a new study.

The study from Stanford University found that the smarter a dog is, the smarter it is at a number of cognitive tasks, from memory to decision-making to working memory.

Researchers from the University of Southern California used an artificial intelligence algorithm that simulates the human brain to train the dogs to play a game called “dogfight.”

In a game of “dogfights,” each dog has to perform a series of actions, such as chasing a ball, dodging a bullet or running away.

A dog that can do all these tasks can get ahead, while a dog that has a harder time can lose.

A dog’s brain is like a computer.

When you use a computer, you can control it, but a dog’s nervous system controls the muscles, and if a dog has a hard time, that can cause the brain to fail.

A human can do the same thing, but it takes a lot of effort.

In the case of “Dogfight,” the researchers took the dog and trained it to learn to play the game by feeding it a number, like 50.

In one trial, the dog had to follow instructions for 50 yards and it would only get ahead if it followed the rules of the game.

The next time the dog was given 50 yards, it had to do the exact same task again, but now the dog would get to follow the rules again.

The researchers found that it took about 2.5 seconds for the dog to learn the rules to a level where it could follow the instructions.

In a second trial, a dog had been given 50 and then had to perform the same task a second time, but the dog could only get to the 50 yard mark if it learned the same amount of rules.

This time, the dogs brain had learned to make the exact rules that they had been trained to make to play with 50 yards.

The dog would only be able to get to a certain distance with 50.

The study found that this dog was able to perform 50 yards on average with about a 2.4 second learning time.

In another experiment, a human and a dog were placed in the same room, and a human was asked to play “dogfighting.”

After the humans had played for about 20 minutes, the researchers asked the dog owner to choose which human he wanted to be the dog’s owner.

The owner chose the human who was being taught the game, so the owner was the only one who was actually playing.

The dog had the choice of being the human’s owner, but in this game, the human was the owner, so he got to keep his dog and was allowed to play.

However, the owners dogs brains were not the same as the humans, so when they played, the owner could not play with the dog, so they could not learn the game at the same level as the dogs.

The human had to learn all the rules first.

When the researchers played the game with humans again, the same experiment went the other way.

The owners dog was the dog.

The humans were playing “dog fights” again.

The results are pretty interesting, as the researchers found some interesting results.

For example, they found that, for the human, the higher their IQ was, the more they were able to learn and the smarter their dog.

They also found that higher IQ is a sign of a good dog.

A study from the same study showed that higher intelligence is also a sign that a dog will learn to use its own intelligence to its advantage.

The more intelligence the dog has, the better it will perform in the game of dogfighting.

So, while dogs have the ability to learn, their brains are very limited in how much they can do.

But the researchers did find that the brain of a smart dog is able to improve with time, and that’s what this study is all about.