Military intelligence officer John Loughnane has put the spotlight on a handful of players who are valued at more than the NRL will ever see.

Loughnanes ranking of the five biggest stars in the game is an indicator of where he sees the NRL in 10 years time.

It’s the same approach the former AFL player used to build his own list of top 10 players.

Laugher has a solid base of players with his own rankings, but he also has a strong track record of finding and bringing in players that fit his mould.

It is the job of Loughneane to keep an eye on the big fish in the sea and is the reason he was instrumental in bringing the likes of James Tamou, James Tedesco and the likes from the NRL back to the AFL in recent years.

Laughn’s Top 10 listLoughney believes he has identified the most outstanding NRL players in the past decade, but the list is not complete.

He does not have a complete list of all the NRL stars, but what he does have is a good indicator of the top performers.

He has a good track record at picking up the best players in his system and he is an avid supporter of the NRL’s growth as a league.

He said: “When you look at the guys on that list, there are a lot of great players.

You don’t know what you are going to get until you pick them up.””

But that is also what makes this list really important for me as an AFL player.””

There is a very strong base of guys that are valued in the AFL, so I think it is important to get those guys in there.”

I have a great track record in picking up great players and I think we are going in the right direction.

“Laughen’s Top 30 listLaughan’s list is more of a top 10 list than a top 20 list, but is still a strong indication of where the NRL stands in 10 year time.

He believes he is a solid bet to win the NRL premiership this year, with three wins and five losses.”

If you are a fan of the game, you have got to like it,” he said.”

When I was in the league, I could not really afford to watch any of the games.

“But that has changed in the last decade and that is what makes me so confident about winning the premiership.”

And that is something I am really looking forward to this year.””

There is not a player that is going to win it this year that I am not confident I can do it.”

“And that is something I am really looking forward to this year.”

You look at some of the players on this list, they are all really solid players and that’s what makes you look forward to that.””

The players that I pick up, they have a good chance of getting a premiership and that should give them the confidence to play.

“Loughner’s Top 40 listLaughlin said he has a great feeling about the team and he expects to be rewarded for his work.

He says he has had a lot to learn about the NRL and is confident that he has picked up a good team, with plenty of potential for improvement.

He is also excited to see how the NRL evolves.”

There are so many changes coming, from the introduction of the Super League to the new players coming through,” he says.”

But we have had some great players come through in the years that I have been working here, so it is going well.””

We have got a great group of players and a lot more potential to do great things this year.””

It is a great time for rugby league in NSW and it will be interesting to see where the league is going.

“Laughlin is not alone in this opinion.

Former AFL player Brett Hall and current Roosters coach Anthony Griffin are both confident of their teams success this year and he has been impressed by the level of talent in the club.”

Every game is going down the footy field, but they are really good players. “

I like the way we play and the quality of players in there.”

“Every game is going down the footy field, but they are really good players.

It is a fantastic club.

It has the best premiership of the last 10 years and they have been so good.””

This is a club that I want to be part of, but I need to get some more experience in before I get a chance to be involved.””

They have got some really talented players, so if you can get the right players in and get a couple of young guys who have been with the club a while, it will pay off.”

Everyone knows they have got young players but I want them to get on the right path.

I think I am going to be the man to help the club.””

All the players have got it in them to be