Apple may be making a new smartwatch in the vein of Google Glass, but its goal is to be a global leader in the technology industry.

Read moreApple’s latest smartwatch, the iWatch, is a much smaller, more affordable version of the iPhone 6s, which it introduced last year.

Its most notable feature is its ability to recognize objects with depth cameras.

The new watch has three cameras on each side that can focus on objects that are up to four feet in diameter.

Apple has said it is working on a more robust, more flexible design for its devices.

Apple said its latest device, the watch for which it’s named, is an affordable smartwatch that will be available in 2018.

The company says the device will be priced at $249, but it’s unclear if it will be a model with a 4G LTE or Wi-Fi connection.

The Apple Watch is also expected to come with Siri voice recognition technology, which the company says will allow users to interact with Apple products, including Apple products.

The Siri feature is also available in Apple Watch apps.

The new Apple Watch comes with a new design for the watch band.

It is made from stainless steel with an 18:9 aspect ratio and a larger stainless steel band with a slightly smaller 18:11 aspect ratio.

Apple has also announced that it is selling the watch on a 1-for-1 basis, which means customers will get one Apple Watch for $99 and one iPhone 6 for $119.

The watch will be sold on Apple’s website starting June 23, but customers can buy the watch online starting Monday, June 22.

Apple’s iWatch has a stainless steel bracelet with the Apple logo on the back, and the watch is black and white with a silver-and-black color scheme.

It comes in black, silver, gold, rose gold, and diamond colors.

Apple Watch and Apple products are featured in the iPhone video above.

Apple is also making an effort to make its products more affordable.

The brand has said that its new Watch will be affordable for anyone, and that the iWear will cost $99.

Apple is also promoting its new Apple Music service, which is priced at about $10 per month for two years.

Apple will be launching a new iPhone on June 22 at 9 a.m.

PDT (3 p.m., GMT).

It will be made available on AT&T and T-Mobile, as well as select Apple Stores and Apple Stores online.

The device will launch on iOS devices with iOS 11.1.