The military intelligence agency (MI) has been conducting “deep penetrations” of the social network networks of the military’s leaders and intelligence chiefs, a senior military intelligence officer said on Tuesday.

The officer, who requested anonymity, said the spy agencies are not being restrained by any of the intelligence agencies and are instead being manipulated to the point of not understanding what they are being asked to do.

He also said the intelligence agency had been engaged in “deep penetration” of social networking sites of leaders and chiefs of military units.

This has been happening on an ongoing basis.

The MI has been engaged to identify and exploit the best ways to influence their leadership and the minds of the officers, he said.

When it comes to intelligence agencies such as the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), the intelligence officer, whose role is to assess intelligence, said that the DIA is in a state of chaos and that it has been forced to adopt a number of countermeasures to prevent such manipulation.

The MI has also been conducting deep penetration into social networking websites of military commanders and their chief of staff, the officer said.

The officer, the highest-ranking official in the MI, said these operations were taking place because of the need to get to the bottom of intelligence matters and to understand what the intelligence community and their leadership is actually doing.

It is a common problem for intelligence agencies.

They have been asked to create fake accounts, create fake names, create accounts on fake platforms, fake identities and fake information.

This is why the MI has created fake accounts and created fake identities.

They are not using the real identities and the real names are not real.

This has been a common practice with intelligence agencies in the past.

We are also trying to understand who the real people are in intelligence agencies,” the officer added.

One of the main issues that the officer mentioned was the use of fake accounts to hide identity of the person using them.

It is not clear who is really behind the fake accounts,” the official said.