It can be difficult to build a solid, long-term relationship with a smart woman because, well, she’s smart.

But if you want to be sure you’re making the right choice, here are some tips for building a strong, intelligent woman.1.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice.

Women are more likely to ask someone else for advice or help if they feel confident that the other person will be able to help them.2.

Be open to the possibility of change.

Smart women know that sometimes they just have to give up a little bit, and they’re ready to move on to the next step in their life.3.

Don, um, try new things.

Smart girls will always want to try new experiences, but they will also want to make sure that they can get the results that they want without the sacrifice of commitment or commitment to the relationship.4.

Don the smart pants.

It’s smart to wear smart pants that you know are smart and that you have a great sense of style.5.

If you don’t want to date a smart girl, then you have to find someone else.

But smart women know when they don’t have a good relationship with their partners, they often find that it’s more likely that they will date someone else who is smarter than them.6.

Don-trash your smart pants to make her feel good about you.

Smart chicks love to be complimented on their smartness and are not happy when they’re not, so it’s a great way to make a smart person feel good.7.

Know your strengths.

It doesn’t matter if you are smarter than your smart girl–if she appreciates that you are smart, she will enjoy dating you.8.

Get to know your smart woman.

It is important that you spend some time with her so that you can learn about who she is and where she came from.

This will help you make a better decision when it comes to a future relationship.9.

Be honest about your expectations.

Smartwomen know that there is a good chance that their smart girl is not what she says she is.

But, if you know what she really is, then she will appreciate it.10.

Don your smart jeans.

You are going to have to go shopping for a smart pair of pants in your closet for a while, so don’t forget to pick out a pair that you really like.

You might even need to take them to the tailor.11.

Don t be afraid of asking for help.

You will never be as smart as your smart guy, so you can’t be that guy all the time.

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ask for his help or for advice.12.

Ask your smart friend what her goals are.

Smart people have a sense of purpose, and smart people also know that they have the power to change their lives if they just try.13.

When you have questions, just ask them.

Smart guys have the ability to answer questions about anything and everything, so asking for advice is one way to get answers from smart girls.14.

Smart men and smart women have different levels of intelligence.

You should know this.

Smart smart men are not as smart or as smart-like as smart smart smart women, and vice versa.

Smart smart women are often very confident and have a lot of power, and when they are having a tough time, they can rely on their man for support.

Smart smarter women also have a different level of power than smart smart men.15.

Know that you should be willing to compromise and work with smart girls on their decisions.

Smart intelligent women know they have power, so they will not compromise on their goals and goals-to-be.

They will find a way to work with their smart, smart girl.16.

You don’t need to be a great cook.

You can be a good cook and you don�t need to have a PhD in cooking to be able cook.

But even if you have an advanced degree, you donít need a master chef to be good at cooking.

Smart, smart girls don’t think cooking is a requirement for a successful relationship.

Smart dumb girls don�’t need a cook to be smart.

Smart wise girls do.17.

Smarties like to be in control, so try to get to know their smart guy.

You’ll probably like it.

But don’t expect the smart girl to agree with you or listen to your advice.

It will be very important to keep your relationship grounded and your relationship with your smart, intelligent girl will benefit from that.18.

Don�t be afraid that you will lose your smart girls if you don���t work on your relationship.

If your smart and smart girl feels that you aren�t making the commitment that you want, she may even start to see you as more of a liability than a friend.19.

Don �t be shy about talking