A key part of Nissan’s strategy for the next decade will be the integration of Intelligent Mobility technology into the Nissan Connected Vehicles (NCV) program, according to Nissan Motor Europe chief executive, Michael Binder.

In a new interview with News.co.uk, Binder said that the company is “actively working with” the UK government to “help it to implement the Intelligent Mobility solution for Nissan Connecteds” with a view to making it a reality by 2020.

Nissan Connected Vehicle (Ncv) is a collaboration between Nissan and UK government agencies.

It is designed to make connected vehicles more fuel efficient and efficient for pedestrians, cyclists, and other users, by incorporating the Intelligent Automation (AAS) and Intelligent Mobility (IA) technologies, which are aimed at helping users navigate and engage with their environment more efficiently.

The Ncv platform is currently being tested by Nissan in the UK and it is expected to be rolled out to the public in 2020.

In an interview with news.com