Swarm intelligence, most intelligent dogs and intelligence definition is a post on the blog of the Center for Biodiversity Research, an animal science research group.

The post, which was first spotted by the Los Angeles Times, features a photo of an adorable dog, with a caption that reads, “The most intelligent dog in the world.”

The post features a picture of a small pug and the caption, “If you don’t know how smart this pug is, just ask her.”

The blog post features the pug’s tagline, “She has no boundaries, but she will tell you how smart she is.”

In the caption to the photo, the caption reads, “(This is) the most intelligent pug in the United States.”

A spokesperson for the Center told BuzzFeed News that they contacted the Los Angles Times about the post and were not able to find the owner of the dog.

The spokesperson said they do not condone the behavior, and would not take action against the dog in question.

In a follow-up tweet, the spokesperson also said, “We will NOT take any action against a dog that is so intelligent, we’ll just let her do her thing.

We’re proud of the pup.”

The spokesperson added that the Center was unaware of the post being shared on the social media platform.