Naval intelligence is not new to America.

But when the navy begins to deploy its newest artificial intelligence technology to replace a handful of its aging systems, it’s already taking on a new meaning.

Navy intelligence analyst John McEntee, 77, died Thursday at a facility in Newport News, Va.

He was diagnosed with ALS in September and was hospitalized.

An article from the Navy Times said he was the third veteran of the service to die this year, the third on the ship’s deck and the third in a short time.

McEntee joined the service in 1968 and was stationed at Naval Station Norfolk, Va., until his retirement in 1990.

He later served as an intelligence officer in the Naval Reserve and at the Naval Intelligence Center at Quantico, Va.; he served as chief of the Navy’s Cyber Command.

He was the first retired officer to graduate from the Naval Academy in 1975 and the first in the past four decades to receive the Navy Medal of Honor.

McEnte joined the Navy in 1964 and retired in 1987, according to Navy records.

The Naval Intelligence Group is the Navy Intelligence Center, where the Navy conducts its cyber operations.

Its role is to develop intelligence and support capabilities to counter foreign threats and to gather information to support national security interests.

The unit, also known as NASINT, is one of the most senior intelligence gathering units in the Navy.

The Navy also uses NASINT as a counterintelligence arm to conduct cyber operations and conduct cyber counterintelligence and cyber counteroffensive operations.

The Navy has been using the NASINT unit since at least 2007, when McEntees command center became operational.

Its main mission is to gather intelligence to help prevent and deter cyber threats, according the Navy article.

The NASINT team has about 40 employees, including two computer scientists and four analysts.

The team has also developed an automated system that tracks the activities of the intelligence community.

It was first used to track the movements of nuclear submarines in 2014 and has since been deployed to more than a dozen nations, including Iran and North Korea.

It was part of the NSA and CIA that was tasked with building a network of the Internet, and has been deployed in multiple countries to intercept and monitor communications, according The Washington Post.

NASINT was also used to help detect and defeat a series of cyberattacks on U.S. government organizations, the Washington Post said.

Mcents death comes just months after the Navy confirmed that a man named Peter Dershowitz had died.

The former director of the National Security Agency and CIA was killed in a helicopter crash in Florida on Oct. 19, 2018.

In the Navy, the NASInt team has more than 1,000 people working with it, according a Navy Times article.