An Israeli intelligence chief has been indicted on charges of spying for Israel, according to court papers.

The indictment is a major blow to the country’s intelligence services, which have been dogged by accusations of spying on the US and its allies.

It comes just weeks after an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal was signed.

The move to formally end the Israeli-imposed blockade of Gaza was a key factor in the deal.

According to the court documents, the chief of Israel’s National Security Agency was in charge of gathering information about Hamas militants in Gaza and its weapons.

Israel says Hamas is behind a rocket attack that killed four Israelis on Tuesday.

The arrest came as a result of a request from a US congressional committee investigating the spying scandal, which was launched in 2016 by the US Congress.

The committee was looking into how US officials were spying on senior Israeli officials, including the NSA’s chief, and other top officials.US lawmakers have accused the NSA of spying against Israel, but there is no evidence Israel has ever been accused of spying.

The investigation has also led to an unprecedented wave of leaks, including a report from the German newspaper Der Spiegel that showed US officials used data mining software on iPhones of Israeli citizens to track down the phones of suspected terrorists.