Emotional intelligence, the science of identifying and helping others process their emotions, has long been a powerful tool for marketers and business leaders.

But what makes it so powerful is the power it can bring to those working in the field.

In this exclusive video, Business Insider’s Josh Zumbrun and John Stembert break down the power of Emotional Information technology, or EIT, and how to use it to get results.

In this video, Josh Zembalt explains how EIT can help you with your job search.

John Stemberts Emotional Insight Training.

Josh and John offer step-by-step, step-based training on the power and power of EIT.

Emotional knowledge is the foundation of any successful business, but sometimes the process of making decisions, assessing risk, and identifying opportunities can be confusing.

This video by John Stemery teaches you how to make better decisions, make better calls, and more.

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