Google and Microsoft are sharing the intelligence quotients of all UK government, business and political targets over a period of six months, in a move that is expected to make the intelligence collection and analysis of hackers and cybercriminals a priority for the government.

The information will be shared with other intelligence agencies, the companies said in a joint statement released on Monday.

The disclosure comes days after a series of attacks that disrupted the government’s computers, including the 2016 London Olympics, and the disruption of the NHS’s computer network.

The cyberattack was launched by a group of hackers known as the Lizard Squad, which used a botnet to flood targets with spam and phishing emails in November.

It is believed that over the course of the six months the group is behind the attacks, which were directed at governments, institutions and private companies, and targeted people in the public and private sectors.

The companies said that the data shared with intelligence agencies would be made available to the public on a “consistent basis”.

The release comes after the UK government announced it had launched a cyber-surveillance system to monitor the activities of the public.