The following article by Dr. Ben Carson was originally published by The Atlantic.

“A lot of these problems that we’re facing are a direct result of a lack of intelligence.”

Theodore Roosevelt is often remembered for the way he made it clear that he did not want to be president.

He believed that a president was better off not having any knowledge or experience.

But he also wanted to be able to talk to the people in the White House.

In an interview with the New York Times, Roosevelt said, “The best way to get people to listen to you is to have the knowledge.”

He later said, “…

I have always believed that I can be a speaker who can be of use to the American people, and if I can’t do that, I cannot be of value to the country.”

Theodore, who was born in 1845, was the president of the United States from 1900 to 1902.

His son, Theodore Jr., also served as the first U.S. president. 

In a speech he gave in 1913, Roosevelt told the nation, “Our job in the future will be to take a great deal of the responsibility of the nation upon us.”

Roosevelt’s speech also contained some of his greatest advice for today. 

“I will be a great leader.

I am a great citizen.

I will not allow any of my own ideas to interfere with the conduct of affairs of the Government.”

Rooster, who had his own son, Robert, later served as vice president and as the youngest president in U.K. history.

Robert, who later served in the House of Lords, also served in his father’s administration.

During the election season, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner told The Washington Post, “You’re not going to get all the answers.

You’re going to have to go to people who have expertise in their field.”

He continued, “And they’re going have to be experts in their fields.

And they’re very, very talented.” 

It’s a sentiment that was echoed by some of Trump’s top aides, including Steve Bannon, who told Fox News, “If you have to talk about expertise, it’s not going be the expertise of people that you know, it is the expertise they have that you don’t know.”

In an article for CNN, the New Yorker’s Jonathan Chait said that while it’s “not always a good thing to say that people don’t have the right skills, it doesn’t mean that they don’t do them.”

In a CNN interview, Trump said, “We’ve got to make sure that our people have the most valuable skills, because they’re the ones who are going to be the next presidents.”He added, “…

I think that we have got to have a great, great mix of people who can have a wide variety of skills.

You can’t have one or the other.”

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